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Come and See

This performance celebrates Turkish culture, opening with a popular song about Turkey’s most populous city, followed by some traditional Turkish folk dancing, and closing with a Turkish song based on Psalms 66 and 86.

Lievame a Volar

The 2023 theme for Art of the Belly was “Hollywood Nights,” so naturally we wanted to give a nod to the Sultan With the Silky Voice himself, Frank Sinatra. The choreography is Persian inspired with elements of classic Egyptian dance.

Grampo’s Song

This dance is done in an Egyptian folkloric style called Raqs al assaya in which women use canes to mimic the combat skills of the men. Originating from Upper Egypt, the style dates all the way back to ancient times. DEDICATION: Miriam’s father had been looking forward to seeing this performance when he passed away three weeks before the show was to go on. Knowing he would not have wanted his girls to miss the show, we added his tambourine to the dance and dedicated this song to him. It is fitting that the dance was a drum solo honoring combat skills, as “Grampo” was both a veteran and a drummer.

When You Believe

This is a fantasy piece in which we imagine we are Egyptian butterflies bringing a message of promise. We begin in a dark and somber world, questioning if there is any hope for the future, and then realizing that hope renews with each new generation if we have faith in God’s goodness.