Performance recorded for Shimmy Mob 2020.


  • Gabbe Toy
  • Tina Bauch
  • Teressa Grijalva
  • Yasleen Freeman
  • Miriam
  • Rainbow
  • Jay Lerch

Main Dance
“El Bint Beida” by Arabesque Dance Company Orchestra
Choreography by Yasmina Ramzy

“Belly Dance” by Game Chasers
Choreography by Sabeya

Nick Vaka
Uploaded with permission.


1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives. Today we dance as one around the globe to raise awareness and lower the stats.

“Creating change … one shimmy at a time!”
Team Prince William County, VA (United States)
#wbdd #shimmymob2020


I lost my money, and it was not my fault

I lost my money, and what shall I do

I lost my money about what my legitimate beloved
I lost my money, and what shall I do
The doctor came to treat me

He came and what shall I do

The girl is white, white, white
The girl is white, but I do not have enough dowry money
O my son, my son, I have fallen in love
And with the fire of love have been cauterized.