Performance recorded for Shimmy Mob 2022.

“Creating change … one shimmy at a time!”
Team Prince William County, Virginia
#wbdd #shimmymob2022

Do you think if you’re not being physically abused, that you’re not being abused? That’s not always true. You may very well be in a relationship that is draining something from you, not recognizing that the person is eroding your self-esteem and happiness. That’s abuse. See the signs.

If you are a victim of abuse, ACTS of Prince William County can help!


  • Tina Bauch
  • Lisa Doidge
  • Esther
  • Teressa Grijalva
  • Susan Holman
  • Miriam
  • Rainbow
  • …and introducing Bright Eyes

Main Dance
“Yalla Ya Gamilla” (Come On, Beautiful) by Emad Sayyah
Choreography by Ellie Maye

“Drum Solo Master” by Tashabu
Choreography by Sabeya

AV Crew
Jay Lerch & Nick Vaka

Special Thanks