Performance recorded for Shimmy Mob 2023.

“Creating change … one shimmy at a time!”
Team Prince William County, Virginia
#wbdd #shimmymob2023

Do you think if you’re not being physically abused, that you’re not being abused? That’s not always true. You may very well be in a relationship that is draining something from you, not recognizing that the person is eroding your self-esteem and happiness. That’s abuse. See the signs. Visit

If you are a victim of abuse, ACTS of Prince William County can help! Visit


  • Tina Bauch
  • Bright Eyes
  • Lisa Doidge
  • Rechelle & Arryana Estep
  • Esther
  • Teressa Grijalva
  • Patricia Hess
  • Susan Holman
  • Jay Lerch
  • Miriam
  • Rainbow
  • Cristina Scharron

Master of Ceremonies
Nick Vaka

Main Dance
“Bellydance – Instrumental” by Edvin Marton
Choreography by Stacey Robbins

“Drum Solo Master” by Tashabu
Choreography by Sabeya

Special Thanks